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Mercator's Regional Dossiers
Mercator's Regional Dossiers

Regional Dossiers

The Regional Dossiers focus on the educational system in European regions that have an autochthonous lesser-used language, and on how the lesser-used language is embedded in this system. The Regional dossiers are written according to a fixed structure, so that they can be used for comparative research.

The dossiers provide information on:

  • educational statistics, such as number of bilingual schools, percentage of children learning the lesser-used language, language skills of teachers, etc.
  • policies regarding education of the lesser-used language
  • the structure of the educational system in the area
  • speakers numbers of the lesser-used language
  • institutions supporting the lesser-used language.

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Experts in the field of Papiamentu, Croatian, German, Kashubian, Lithuanian, Ruthenian, Slovak, Basque, Sami, Ukrainian or Polish as a small or minority language...

Map of the Regional Dossiers

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Most recent Regional Dossier



This Regional Dossier is the third edition of the dossier 'The Basque language in education in Spain', originally compiled by Dr Nick Gardner and upated in 2005. Ines-Mª Garcia-Azkoaga and Maite Garcia-Ruiz were responsible for the updates in this newest edition.

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Terms of usage

You are free to download and print the dossiers for personal, non-commercial use, provided that the extract is followed by a complete reference to Mercator Research Centre on Multilingualism and Language Learning.

Organisations or institutions that would like to print the dossiers by a local publisher in their country, may request a publisher's file (containing crop marks etc.). Publisher's files are available for some of the dossiers, though not all. We would appreciate it if you could let us know if you print a dossier in large numbers for distribution at conferences or events.


Ramziè Krol-Hage and Marlous Visser are responsible for the editing and publishing of the Mercator Research Centre Regional dossiers series. You can contact them for any questions or suggestions. 

Mercator's Regional Dossiers

Below you will find an overview of our Regional Dossiers. Some of the earlier editions are not available in a digital format. You can always contact us to find a suitable solution.