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Wiki on Minority Language Learning

The online Wiki on Minority Language Learning complements the Mercator Regional Dossiers, and offers information on the education of minority languages that have only a (very) small place in the national education system, or none at all. Together, the Regional Dossiers and the Wiki cover almost 80 languages in Europe and beyond.

Authors of the Wiki can be regional experts, students of multilingualism, or minority language speakers. The goal of the Wiki is to share knowledge on minority language learning and to increase the visibility of minority languages online. In two consecutive academic years, there was a collaboration with University of Groningen (The Netherlands) on an assignment for the students of the Bachelor Minorities and Multilingualism and the Master Multilingualism.

The Wiki on Minority Language Learning is found online at

Wiki on Minority Language Learning on the map

- combined with the Regional Dossiers -

Join the project, become an author!

Any Wiki is always in development and open to contributions, and so is this one. 

  • Have you taken a look at the website and have noticed that a minority language that is still missing, or that information can be added? 
  • Are you knowledgeable on the education of a minority language, on the (successful) attempts to obtain a place in the formal educational system, or on initiatives to teach a minority language? 
  • And are you willing to contribute to Mercator's online Wiki on Minority Language Learning?

Please let us know!


In December 2017, thirteen students of the master Multilingualism of the University of Groningen presented their fact sheets on minority language learning
  • September 2015 - December 2015: research of online sources to determine how to best complement the information on minority languages that is already available online. The resulting discussion paper may be downloaded here;
  • September 2015 - December 2015: Choosing and implementing an online platform on which to present information on minority language learning: the Wiki;
  • 2016, 2017: Defining a general structure in which information on minority language learning is to be presented, and...
  • 2017 - ... : ...this structure will form the starting point for the development of an Index for Minority Language Education. This index will give a visual impression of how well a minority language is embedded in a nation's education system;
  • 2017 - ... : Finding authors for the Wiki and co-operation with the bachelor Minorities and Multilingualism and the master Multilingualism of the University of Groningen: as an assignment the students pick a minority language of their interest to write a fact sheet;
  • 2020: analysis on developments of the Mercator Wiki factsheet system.