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Preservation of Minority cultures and languages. An entrepreneurial opportunity to embrace the past and the future

Many less used and minority languages are in danger of extinction because the younger generations no longer speak them. In many areas, where minority languages are spoken, unemployment rates are high, especially among the young. However, due to several recent developments, knowledge of a local or minority language has become an asset instead of a hindrance for young people seeking employment. Informing young people on how to capitalize on their minority language skills can thus help them in their search for work. To reach this group, this project will focus on and develop courses for youth workers, who are well situated to advise this group.

Research theme
Multilingualism and Language learning

Coordinating partner

Mercator staff

Project activities

In each country (Argentina, Peru, and the Netherlands)

  • a capacity building course for youth workers will be organised, and an e-learning course will be developed for youth workers not able to follow the regular course.
  • a study will be held to evaluate the situation and legal status of the country's minority languages,
  • cultural events to promote minority languages will be organized,
  • awareness raising videos in the minority language will be developed, with subtitles in all the languages of the partnership plus English,
  • songs in local languages will be recorded and published on the web.

All activities will be available on a project website, a Facebook page, and via many other media to disseminate the project's products beyond the project duration.