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Endangered languages and archives

The work related to Endangered Languages and Endangered Archives at the Fryske Akademy and the Mercator European Research Centre is focused on the study of language contact and language change and the reconstruction of historical sound recordings. We investigate the phonetic aspects of languages and dialects of minority and regional languages, in particular those of the Russian Federation and neighbouring countries.

Project activities / research topics

Work with UNESCO, FEL and FSC


Reports and Conference contributions

About Tjeerd de Graaf

  • Research associate at the Frisian Academy, Mercator European Research Centre, and the Centre for Russian Studies at Groningen University; 
  • Board member of the Foundation for Endangered Languages and the Isaac Massa Foundation;
  • Advisory council member of the Foundation for Siberian Cultures.

Phone: +31 (0) 50-3092218
Mobile: +31 (0) 6-30091848

Curriculum Vitae: download Tseard de Graaf's curriculum vitae (pdf-file).

About this project

Research theme
Multilingualism and Language learning

Mercator staff
Dr. Tjeerd de Graaf


2003 - 2038

The project received funding from various sources. For more details, please click here.

Collaboration with 
UNESCO, Foundation for Endangered Languages (FEL), Foundation for Siberian Cultures (FSC), Centre for Russian Studies