Jelske Dijkstra new Mercator project manager

His position as project manager of the Mercator European Research Centre on Multilingualism and Language Learning took Cor van der Meer all over the world. For twenty years, he devoted himself to regional and minority languages, happily using the Frisian situation as a laboratory for multilingualism. Now he is retiring. 

With great confidence, he will hand over his duties to Jelske Dijkstra (photo), who has been affiliated with both the Mercator Centre and the Fryske Akademy for many years. Dijkstra has a PhD in the field of linguistics, specialising in speech technology and multilingual child language development.

Dijkstra: "I am looking forward to carrying out special and interesting research with the team in the future and from there, with other knowledge institutes, to develop exciting products for the field of education, for example." 

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