Calling all experts on minority languages and multilingualism in education!

We are looking for authors for our Mercator Regional Dossiers! If you (and your colleagues) are interested in becoming an author or would like more information about these exciting opportunities, we would love to hear from you!


Regional Dossiers

The Regional Dossiers focus on the education system in European regions that have an autochthonous lesser-used language, and on how the lesser-used language is embedded in this system. The Regional Dossiers are written according to a fixed structure so that they can be used for comparative research.

The dossiers provide information on:

- educational statistics, such as the number of bilingual schools, percentage of children learning the lesser-used language, and teachers' language skills;
- policies regarding education in and about the lesser-used language;
- the structure of the education system in the area;
- speaker numbers of the lesser-used language; and
- institutions supporting the lesser-used language.



At this moment,  we are especially looking for experts on:

- German in Hungary
- Papiamentu in the ABC Islands
- Sámi in Norway
- Skolt/North/Inari Sámi in Finland,
- Swedish in Finland

Please contact the editorial team at