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Visit from South African project team BAQONDE (multilingualism)

Lecturers from 4 different South African universities come to visit the Fryske Akademy/ Mercator to discuss the implementation of multilingual policies in higher education.

The aim of their BAQONDE project is to help facilitate the use of indigenous African languages in higher education in South Africa. See the website:  

As well as developing resources for the lesser-used indigenous South African languages, there is an element of training that lecturers need to do to teach in their mother tongue (and not in English or Afrikaans). To achieve this, some delegates from South Africa will come to the Netherlands to join a 'training' or let's say an 'exchange' so we can learn from each other how we can improve our teaching by taking linguistic diversity and indigenous languages into account in a more significant and fairer way.

The participants will come from 4 different South African universities and will be mostly lecturers but from different disciplines so we won't have only linguists but mathematicians and physicists who would also like to implement multilingual policies in their institutions.