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Seminar: Open Learning in Minority Languages: Chances and Perspectives

Report by Marit Bijlsma (Mercator Research Centre)

The seminar was organized in the framework of the European funded LangOER project and was hosted by the Fryske Akademy (home of the Mercator Research Centre).

The seminar offered interesting perspectives on open education, as it brought together experts of the field of open education with minority language representatives (e.g. Frisian, Manx, Arbëresh, Gagauzian and Latgalian). The fact that minority languages have limited or no access to open educational resources (OER), urged the participants, speakers and the consortium partners, to come up with practical and creative solutions on how to empower the “smaller languages”. Participants were inspired by large scale national initiatives such as the Greek Photodentro, Dutch Wikiwijs and Norwegian NDLA and Welsh OER Wales Cymru. But what about minority languages which have limited financial and political support?

Visit the Padlet wall of the seminar, where all seminar highlights are collected and the LangOER Blog to learn more on this topic. Download the seminar program here.