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Mercator presents publication: Papiamentu in Perspectief

The report Papiamentu in Perspectief, was presented by Mercator Research Centre team members Richt Sterk and Cor van der Meer to Christopher Frans, advisor to Bonaire representative Dirksz. Dirksz himself was unable to attend, due to the political situation on Bonaire.

The report Papiamentu in Perspectief appraises an earlier report by the TaalUnie and offers a different perspective on the position of the Dutch language in education on Bonaire. The original TaalUnie report offered a set of recommendations to stimulate Dutch on Bonaire but met with criticism for being too Dutch minded. Therefore the province of Fryslân commissioned Mercator to critically analyse the report of the Taalunie. In November 2015 Dirksz already visited Fryslân and the provincial government. The deputy of language and culture, Sietske Poepjes, felt connected to Bonaire because of the similar language situation in Fryslân and Bonaire. 

Download Papiamentu in Perspectief, een kritische analyse van het rapport Nederlands op z'n BESt.