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POSTPONED: ENROPE Multiplier Event #2 (Paris, FR)


ENROPE is an Erasmus+ project building an European Network for Junior Researchers in the Field of Plurilingualism and Education (more information at The Mercator European Research Centre is one of the partners in the project. 

As part of the project, several Multiplier Events will be organised in different countries.

The focus of the second Multiplier Event is the Online Platform developed for linking and educating junior researchers working in the field of plurilingualism and education and for supporting them in their professional identity development.



Multiplier Event 2 will be held in Paris and it will provide participants with opportunities to find out more about the project’s central products and results; and to discuss issues of multilingualism and foreign language learning/teaching.

14:00-14:30: general presentation

14:30-16:00: ISW#1 participants’ point of view

16:30-18:00: IOs 1, 2 & 3 discovery, round table

18:00-18:30: open discussion

Address: Amphithéâtre Durkheim, Sorbonne Nouvelle University, 12 rue Cujas, 75230 Paris (France)



- Take your chance to become part of an international network of researchers!

- Try out the opportunities of our Online Platform!

- Sustain your new contacts for further exchange and collaboration!



Please go to for more information.  

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