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Conference: “Open Education: promoting diversity for European Languages”

The final conference of the LangOER project, held in Brussels, and coinciding with the European Day of languages.

"It is important to maintain regional and minority languages for a pluralistic, equitable, open and inclusive knowledge society", says Marku Markkula, President of the Committee of the Regions and key-note speaker at the conference.

The conference was an initiative of the European funded network LangOER, and was co-organised with the Educational Repositories Network – EdReNe. The event brought together experts in open education and digital content repositories, educational researchers and a variety of policy makers concerned with language learning and teaching, pedagogical use of ICT, and social integration and inclusion.

Key-note speakers were, amongst others: the president of the European Committee of the Regions “Marku Markkula” and “Konstantin Scheller” of the Directorate General of Education and Culture. A summary of Markkula’s speech:

We need to stress the importance of cultural diversity, through languages. That means, foster the pluralistic, equitable, open and inclusive knowledge society in which open education provides an important tool. Open education has the potential to improve access to education across all languages, and hence we can gain strength of Europe’s language diversity. Therefore, we need to raise awareness across all languages about the added value of open educational resources and open education tools.

All presentations and the livestreams of the conference are available on the Facebook Page of European Schoolnet.