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Charter implementation UK: 'Concerns about Irish and Cornish'

The Committee of Experts on the European Charter for Regional or Minority languages (ECRML) reports considerable progress in the United Kingdom's implementation of the charter. The committee noted that institutions and many public services in Wales and Scotland have issued their own language strategies on the use of Welsh and Scottish Gaelic. However, the report also notes that responsibility for the Cornish language is not yet devolved, which hampers the ability of local authorities to promote this language. The report also regrets that the Northern Ireland Assembly has yet to reach a consensus on the adoption of an Irish Language Act, which the committee considers to be essential to free the promotion of Irish from political tensions.

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ECRML recommendations and evaluations

The Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers has adopted recommendations to the Netherlands, Slovenia and the Czech Republic, based on the evaluation reports by the Committee of Experts (COMEX) under the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages (ECRML). The COMEX also published new evaluation reports about Armenia, Montenegro and Sweden.

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Oor Vyce campaign: Scots language recognition

Oor Vyce is a new campaign, launched by a civic association of people with a personal or professional interest in the Scots language. They want to increase the provision for, funding for, and the presence of the Scots language in Scotland’s culture and public life, by striving for the statutory recognition of the Scots language by the Scottish Parliament.

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Human chain to defend regional languages

The collective Euskal Konfederazioa calls for a day of mobilization on October 10 in Bayonne (FR), to express their feelings about the "attacks against the teaching of regional languages". The promoters of the Basque language are angry because of the refusal of the Academy of Bordeaux to authorize the new 100% Basque-language teaching project on a public nursery school.

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Online study multilingual families in Quebec

Do you know anyone who currently lives in Quebec (Canada) and who is raising their child (below the age of 4) with more than one language? If so, it would be great if you could help Mercator researcher Dr Ruth Kircher by passing on this link to a questionnaire-based study that she is conducting with colleagues from the Canadian universities Concordia and McGill. Thank you, merci!

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Joint statement on European Day of Languages

On occasion of the annual European Day of Languages, the 26th of September, the Committee of Experts of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages (COMEX) and the Network to Promote Linguistic Diversity (NPLD) published a joint statement. They call on European institutions and national governments to work towards the fullest and utmost application of the objectives, principles and values of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages. "To combat exclusion and isolation of communities or individuals, exacerbated during a time of emergency, governments must pursue inclusion all the more. Using regional or minority languages in the public sphere is central to this pursuit."

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COVID-19: language and migration tensions Denmark

The pandemic has resulted in what is both an entirely new societal situation and an intensification of existing tensions, including issues associated with migration. Researchers Karrebæk and Sørensen from the University of Copenhagen describe the current language challenges in Denmark with regard to the (non-western) minorities.

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Slovenians in Italy want guaranteed representation

Organisations of Slovenians in Italy express their concerns about the constitutional amendment to reduce the number of parliamentarians in Italy. The reduction will halve the number of deputies and senators normally elected in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region and this could affect the Slovenian representation in the national parliament.

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Global Citizenship and Multilingual Competences

The Mercator European Research Centre/ Fryske Akademy, the Universities of Graz (coordinator), Newcastle Upon Tyne and Bologna and NEOSMART GmbH, are happy to announce that they were awarded an Erasmus+ grant for the three-year project ‘The Global Citizenship and Multilingual Competences Toolkit.’ More information will follow soon.

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Community of Practice for language teachers

The EU Project CATAPULT (Computer-Assisted Training And Platforms to Upskill LSP Teachers - Language for Specific Purposes) created ‘LinguaCoP’, a platform that supports LSP teachers to find and share resources, and facilitates professionals to offer their services, also internationally. 12 October is the start of the second (revised) edition of their free online course (MOOC).

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Sign language recognition

Dutch Speaker of the House of Representatives Khadija Arib opens meeting in sign language

Catalan school

Documentary: La Bressola, 40 years of the Catalan school model

Wiki on Minority Language Learning

The online Wiki on Minority Language Learning complements the Mercator Regional Dossiers, and offers information on the education of minority languages that have only a (very) small place in the national education system, or none at all. Together, the Regional Dossiers and the Wiki cover almost 80 languages in Europe and beyond. Recent additions: Lombard in Italy, Sater Frisian in Germany, Tunumiisiut in Greenland and International legislation concerning sign languages. Authors of the Wiki can be regional experts, students of multilingualism, or minority language speakers. The goal of the Wiki is to share knowledge on minority language learning and to increase the visibility of minority languages online. Are you willing to contribute to Mercator's online Wiki on Minority Language Learning? Or do you think that this is a good study project for your students? Please contact the Mercator Wiki-crew!


29 - 30 October 2020, Meknès (Morocco)
Interdisciplinary colloquium: “La désuétude au carrefour des savoirs : De la langue à la culture”
Organised by the University Moulay Ismail.

2 - 3 November 2020, Valetta (Malta)
International Conference on Multilingualism and Multilingual Education 2020 (ICMME4)
Organised by the University of Malta.

ONLINE: 12 - 13 November 2020, Madrid (Spain)
2nd International Conference on Bilingualism, Heritage Languages and Migration
Organised by Lengua y Sociedad of the Facultad de Filología, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia.

ONLINE: 23 - 27 November 2020, Paris (France)
ENROPE’s second Intensive Study Week
Organised by the ENROPE consortium, hosted by the University Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris.

18 December 2020, Istanbul (Turkey)
ENROPE Multiplier Event: Towards a shared culture of professional identity development (seminar & workshop)
Organised by the ENROPE consortium, hosted by the İstanbul Üniversitesi-Cerrahpaşa.

Dates to be announced, 2021, Zurich (Switzerland)
Symposium on Research Methods in Language Attitudes
Organised by the University of Zurich

24 - 26 March 2021, Bilbao (Basque Country, Spain)
18th International Conference on Minority Languages (ICML XVIII)
Organised by the University of the Basque Country.

5-7 May 2021, Murcia (Spain)
13th International GLAT Congress: Le monde connecté et les approches interculturelles: vers un nouveau paradigme des frontières ?
Organised by the University of Murcia

10 - 12 May 2021, Paris (France)
Minority languages spoken or signed and inclusive spaces
Organised by INSHEA.

26 - 28 May 2021, Zadar (Croatia)
New Contexts for the Use of Minoritized Languages/Varieties (NEWCON 2020)
* New Call for Papers: 1 November 2020 - 15 January 2021.
Organised by by the Linguistics Department of the University of Zadar,the SOAS World Languages Institute, Mercator European Research Centre and the Interdisciplinary Centre for Social and Language Documentation (CIDLes).

June 2021, Groningen (Netherlands)
TABU - International linguistics conference
Organised by Center for Language and Cognition, University of Groningen.

30 June 2021 - 3 July 2021, Barcelona (Spain)
30th Conference of the European Second Language Association (EuroSLA)
Organised by University of Barcelona/ EuroSLA.

5 - 8 July 2021, Athens (Greece)
14th Annual International Conference on Languages & Linguistics
* Deadline Call for Papers: 7 December 2020.
Hosted by the Athens Institute for Education and Research.

15 - 20 August 2021, Groningen (the Netherlands)
AILA 2020: World Congress of Applied Linguistics
Organised by the University of Groningen, Multilingual Matters and others.

6 - 8 September 2021, Graz (Austria)
Language Teacher Psychology Conference 2021 (LTP)
Organised by the University of Graz.

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