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LEARNMe Workshop 2: Stockholm University, Sweden 8-9 May 2014

Revisiting, reanalysing and redefining practice on linguistic diversity: education, policy and media.

General Information

Conference Programme


Workshop 2: Stockholm University, Sweden 8-9 May 2014

The Mercator Network of Language Diversity Centres: LEARNMe project arranges its second workshop, now in Stockholm:

International Expert and practitioners’ workshop on education and linguistic diversity to be held at Stockholm University, and Embassy of Finland, Stockholm, Sweden

8-9 May 2014

Workshop 2: Revisiting, reanalysing and redefining research on linguistic diversity: education, policy and media

Working method

Three international expert workshops will be held: 16-18 October 2013 at Aberystwyth University (Wales), 8-9 May 2014 at the University of Stockholm and January 2015 at CIEMEN, Barcelona. A number of specialist contributors will be invited to present a discussion paper exploring particular aspects of the workshop’s theme.

Workshop 2: Revisiting, reanalysing and redefining practice on linguistic diversity: education, policy and media. Discussion papers from invited experts. Expereinces by practitioners and views presented by policy makers. Follow up action: Production of second Position Paper.

The second workshop will address implementation and practices, drawing on the voices of experts and practitioners in the field of education.

Each of the three workshops will conclude in the production of position papers which will in turn form the basis of a white paper which will be presented at the final conference in 2015. This final conference, to be held in Budapest in September 2015 will be attended by academics, politicians, policy makers, practitioners, activists and other key stakeholders across the European Union.

Worskhop 2 is arranged in cooperation with the Embassy of Finland and the National minority section of the Swedish Church in Uppsala.


Content of Workshop 2, 8-9th May, Stockholm

Discussion papers for the Second Workshop will be invited on specific themes, related to educational issues and linguistic diversity. The preseting participants will be encouraged to deal with theoretical and empirical analyses according to the following themes:


  1. Policy and Practice: Top-down and bottom-up approaches to research, policy and practice; International Level; Nation-state/Country/Regional and Local levels;
  2. Terminological Diversity and its consequences; Terminology as an institutionalised field (e.g. language, dialect, vernacular, bi-/multilingualism, plurilingualism, translanguaging, second vs foreign language, multilingual competence, minority language, immigrant languages, lesser used language, state language, official language etc);
  3. Socio-political approaches and ideological objectives: e.g. assimilationist, additive/multicultural/segregated linguistic and cultural independence etc; identities
  4. Methodological Issues: e.g. “Languaging” and approaches to Linguistic Diversity; effects of non-essentialist and essentialist perspectives on language education; permeable and impermeable language frameworks;
  5. Sociolinguistic practices in the fields of Education, Media (including social media) and Policy.   In addition, both during the Thursdat programme and particularly during the Friday programme, examples of best practice within the field of formal and informal multlingual language learning will be presented.
  6. Examples of best practice at any level of education for multilingual students



Workshop 2: Stockholm University, Sweden, 8-9th May 2014

De Geer-salen, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Download the programme here (PDF).

Thursday 8th May

Workshop – Discussion Papers and presentations


Professor Jim Cummins, Toronto, Canada: ”Educational policies and linguistic diversity: resolving the tensions between ideological narratives and research evidence”

Professor Constant Leung, London, U.K.: “Navigating mainstream education policy and provision for linguistic diversity”

Professor Csilla Bartha, Budapest, Hungary: "Super diversity: multilingual practices of linguistic others, controversies of sociolinguistic research and policy in contemporary Hungary"

Professor Siv Björklund, Vasa, Finland: “Language Immersion in Finland – from bilingual to trilingual education”

Professor Jeroen Darquennes, Namur, Belgium: “And what about the practical dimension of LPP?”

Professor Christopher Stroud & Ph.D. Caroline Kerfoot, Stockholm, Sweden/Capetown, South Africa, viz. Stockholm, Sweden: ”Rethinking mutlilingualism and language policy for academic literacies”

Professor Tom Moring, Helsinki, Finland: “Media education, minority language and cultural development”

Director Kaisa Syrjänen-Schaal, Uppsala, Sweden: “Linguistic challenges that turned out to be legal ones”


Professor Jim Cummins, Toronto, Canada

Professor Leena Huss, Uppsala, Sweden

Director Meirion Prys Jones, Cardiff, Wales

Ass. Prof. Eithne O’Connell, Dublin, Ireland

Professor Christopher Stroud, Stockholm, Sweden/Cape Town, South Africa

Chair: Professor Jarmo Lainio

Opportunities to meet experts, practitioners, policy makers and academics.

To be held at Stockholm University, De Geer-salen, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.


Friday 9th May, Embassy of Finland, 9-3 p.m.

Workshop – Practitioners – Political stake holders. Detailed programme and more precise headings to follow. Opportunities to meet practitioners, policy makers and academics informally.


Mr Lennart Rohdin, Stockholm, will talk about the Swedish Minority Language Law and its implementation

Ms Patricia Fjellgren, Sami Language Center, presenting recent work and publications of the Sami Language Center on language revitalization

Headmaster and President of Sweden Finnish Delegation, Markku Peura, Stockholm/Upplands Väsby, and Headmaster Ina Sinisalo, Botkyrka, will discuss about challenges for the Sweden Finnish national minority and experiences of Swedish school politics concerning bilingual education

Mr Guillem Pujades, CIEMEN, Barcelona, will present recent research on the Aranese language in Catalonia

Professor emeritus Juha Pentikäinen, Lapland University, Finland, will discuss about the possibilities of bilingual education among the Sami of Finland

Dr István Csernicskó, Kiev, Ukraine, will talk on the development of linguistic minorities in Ukraine: "Recent trends of language policies, elaboration of the new language law in Ukraine."

Representative of High Commissioner Astrid Thors, OSSE/OHCR, will attend the meeting


14.00-14.40 Discussion

Chair: Ms. Veronica Hertzberg, Association for Language Immersion Schools, Helsinki, Finland

Professor Leena Huss, Uppsala, Sweden,

Director Meirion Prys Jones, Cardiff, Wales

Headmaster Markku Peura, Upplands Väsby


Conclusive discussion by project partners:


Professor Elin Haf Gruffydd Jones, Aberystwyth, Wales

Professor Jarmo Lainio, Stockholm, Sweden,

Mr David Forniès, CIEMEN, Barcelona, Spain

Director Cor van der Meer, Fryslan, Netherlands

To be held at the Embassy of Finland in Stockholm.

The Embassy of Finland kindly will offer som snacks after the workshop.


Practical issues, participation, registration, fee etc.

A fee of 200 SEK will be raised in order to cover costs for Thursday and Friday, including coffee and light lunch. This will be paid cash at the registration site for the conference, Thursday 8th May, at De Geer-salen, Stockholm University Campus Frescati.



All matters concerning the conference attendance and registration should be sent via e-mail to Lasse Vuorsola (lasse.vuorsola@finska.su.se ).

Closing date for participation is 25th of April.

Please enclose the following information:

1.     Full name.

2.     Your affiliation (for example, department and university).

3.     The days you will attend the conference, Thu 8th, Fri 9th, or both.

4.     Information concerning special diet.

5.     In case there is no cash payment:


a.     Organisation number of your company/department

b.     Address of person to be charged for the attendance fee and

(for Stockholm University employees)

Cancellation possible up to one week before the work shop, that is, until the 30 April. In case there is a cancellation later than the 30th April, the fee will be invoiced.


See also here. For other information, please contact:

Jarmo.Lainio@finska.su.se, or,



With the support of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union.