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Conference information

Dear potential participant,

This time the yearly PfD (Partnership for Diversity) conference is going to take place in Ljouwert / Leeuwarden, the capital of beautiful Fryslân / Friesland (The Netherlands) on 30-31 October 2009.

Following the tradition of the Partnership we aim at bringing together academic experts and representatives of local / regional authorities, in order to combine academic knowledge with hands-on experience. We herewith stress the mutual responsibility, to have a sound basis of research which gives guidance to a sound implementation of actions. Thus, the conference’s goal is to create an agenda of activities, which aim at preserving and fostering Europe’s regional minority languages (RMLs). For this reason we particularly welcome representatives of regional and local authorities, which bear responsibility for linguistic diversity.

This year’s topics are very much underlining these high ambitions. We will have presentations and workshops on (a) the role and responsibility of regional and local authorities towards the protection and promotion of RMLs and cultures, (b) in how far cultural and linguistic rights can preserve and promote RMLs and cultures, and (c) new trends in formal and informal transmission of cultures and languages, which includes presentations of the new pavilion for new language experiences such as in Fryslân (“Lân fan taal”), in Barcelona (“Linguamón”), and others.

For more information, please find the provisional programme in the menu on the left. The programme and further information on the conference will constantly be updated.

Please also forward this information to other people who might have an interest in taking part in the conference.