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Presentations Hance and Vila i Moreno - Information

Interesting guests for Mercator Research Centre


Michael Hance, manager of the Scots Language Centre in Perth, and professor F. Xavier Vila i Moreno, director of the research network Xarxa Cruscat (acronym for Competence, Representations and Use of Catalan) will visit several institutions dealing with the Frisian language and education. As guests of the Mercator Research Centre / Fryske Akademy Michael Hance and F. Xavier Vila i Moreno shall also give a presentation in the conference centre It Aljemint, on Tuesday March 4th 2008 at 7.30 pm. The presentations will focus on the present linguistic and political situation in their home countries; Scotland and Catalonia. After that there will be time for questions and discussion, and for the exchange of experiences and ideas.

In 2007 Mercator Education was transformed into the Mercator European Research Centre on Multilingualism and Language Learning. The new Mercator Research Centre aims at the acquisition, circulation, and application of knowledge on multilingualism in education and language transfer. The unique position of the Frisian language as a strong oral cultural language in Fryslân, as second official language of the Netherlands, and asmid-range minority language in Europe offers good opportunities to gather and link knowledge from different situations and to bring people from a wide range of language situations into contact with each other. The Mercator Research Centre brings Europe to Fryslân and Fryslân to Europe.

The Mercator Research Centre has invited many organisations and specialists in the field of multilingual in Fryslân. You too are welcome at It Aljemint on March 4th!