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COMBI Multiplier Event (Palermo, Italy)

The Centro per lo sviluppo creativo Danilo Dolci in Palermo (Italy) hosted the second partner meeting and multiplier event of the COMBI project on 12th of June 2018. The main theme was communication competences for migrants and disadvantaged background learners in bilingual work environments.

During the event the COMBI project group presented its research and learning materials produced so far. In addition, Dr. Christina Wagoner; Cardiff University presented her PhD research on minority languages and health care in Wales.

Fabio Lo Verde, professor of Sociology at University of Palermo, presented on the Sicilian experience on minority languages and the inclusion of migrants. The day also included round table discussions on the inclusion of migrants, and the use of a region's minority language in health care.


About Combi

The COMBI project is a four-year project, with six European partners, including Mercator Research as the coordinating partner, financed by Erasmus+. It develops innovative and inclusive methods focused on acquiring language skills for the workplace, mainly health care. All methods make sure the regional language is taken into consideration. All its products are published under an open license and can be freely used. 

Read more on http://combiproject.eu/.