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European Court of Justice backs Minority SafePack:

Romania's appeal also rejected at second instance

The European Union’s highest court rejected a bid from Romania to block the Minority SafePack Initiative, the citizen’s initiative aimed at protecting national and linguistic minorities and their cultural heritage. The European Court of Justice dismissed Bucharest’s appeal, finding that the Minority SafePack initiative fell within the EU’s purview. It is “important and encouraging for the future that the Court of Justice of the European Union has consistently ruled in our favour on the rights of minorities and the promotion of cultural and linguistic diversity", said MEP Loránt Vincze, president of FUEN and coordinator of the MSPI campaign.

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León council agrees the use of Castilian and Leonese

The León City Council (northern Spain) has agreed to the use of Castilian and Leonese (Llionés), in order to “advance the autonomy of the Leonese Country.” The motion will be extended to the titles and subtitles of unofficial documents, posters and programs.

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Increase in resources and training needed for Cornish

Offering Cornish lessons in secondary schools will only be possible if there is a 'vast increase' in resources and teacher training. That is the outcome of new research carried out by the Kensa Broadhurst from the University of Exeter.

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OWL+ project: Ownership and Leadership:

Pathways for (Endangered) Languages’ Use in School

Fryske Akademy/ Mercator, together with their partners at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Social and Language Documentation (CIDLeS) (PT), Nord University (NO), Rēzekne Academy of Technologies (LV), and Tallinn University (EE), received an Erasmus+ project grant for the OWL+ project. The objective of OWL+ is to innovate in curriculum building for and about endangered languages by contextualising them within the big picture of language diversity in Europe and by providing stakeholders with practical tools to help them foster the transmission of the language. The project will develop tools and resources to innovate school curricula and offer materials that enable teachers and educators to accommodate endangered languages in their classrooms and other learning settings. Teachers and educators will also be equipped with skills to take ownership of their cultural heritage. As endangered languages are viewed as a vital social factor for their communities, the project targets also community leaders, which are an integral part of endangered languages’ support structure. More information coming soon!

Breton will make its (small) return to the university

Eighteen years after his disappearance, the teaching of the Breton language will return to the University of Nantes. From February, two hours of lessons will be given every week.

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Romansh language app 'Dicziunari Rumantsch'

It is now possible to download the first Romansh language app. The dictionary app combines six different dictionaries and gives translations from and to German.

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Irish in decline (1970)

Older men in 1970 describe how much the Irish language was once spoken

Friulian Youtube

Friulian guys share adven-

tures & passions in Friulian

Paper: Attitudes and beliefs
towards Andalusian

CUSC-UB researchers Cristina Illamola and Mar Forment have published the paper 'Actitudes y creencias de los jóvenes universitarios [...]' ('Attitudes and beliefs of young university students from Barcelona towards Andalusian Spanish. Data from the project PRECAVES XXI').

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Funding needed for Siberian and Circumpolar Languages

A project at Germany’s Goettingen State and University Library that seeks to house everything printed in Siberian and Arctic languages will seek new funding this year to continue the program. The collection consists of literature in about 70 languages spoken from Scandinavia to Siberia and Alaska.

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Call for papers: 'Language policy and planning'

The research group 'Economics, Policy Analysis and Language' calls for papers for the conference 'Rules and incentives in language policy and planning: Economic, legal, and sociolinguistic approaches' (16-17 June, Budapest). Submission deadline:1 March 2022.

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Call for papers: 'Small languages, big ideas'

The Universities of Oldenburg and Groningen call for papers for the second edition of the conference 'Small languages, big ideas' (SLBI), about the smaller Germanic languages from a theoretical, general and comparative perspective (30 June- 1 July, Oldenburg) . Submission deadline: 14 February 2022.

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Call for articles on music & language for LSC journal

The journal “Llengua, Societat i Comunicació” (Language, Society and Communication, LSC), co-edited by CUSC/ University of Barcelona, welcomes the submission of articles for its 20th issue, which will focus on the connections between music and language in a broad sense. LSC is oriented towards non-specialized readers, so articles within the field of philological and musical research which have been conceived with this audience in mind will be especially appreciated, along with articles that connect language and music with other areas of research such as sociology, pedagogy or psycholinguistics. The deadline for submission is 20th February 2022.


8 February 2022, online
ENROPE keep-in-touch meeting
Organised by the partners in the Erasmus+ project ENROPE and the LANGscape research group

11-12 March 2022, online
Virtual conference: Youth Engagement in Minority and Regional Languages
Organised by University College Dublin

31 March-1 April 2022, Flensburg (Germany)
International conference: Multi-platform and Connecting Communities: Contemporary Challenges for Minority Language Media
Organised by Europa Universität Flensburg, European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI) and the University of the Basque Country

1 april 2022, Leuven (Belgium)
Sociolinguistic Circle 2022 
Organised by the KU Leuven

9-10 June 2022, Groningen (Netherlands)
International Linguistics Conference TABU
* Call for Papers is open (deadline 7 March)
Organised by Center for Language and Cognition from the University of Groningen

16-17 June 2022, Budapest (Hungary)
Rules and incentives in language policy and planning: Economic, legal, and sociolinguistic approaches
* Call for Papers is open (deadline 1 March)
Organised by research group 'Economics, Policy Analysis and Language' (REAL)

16-17 June 2022, Rēzeknes (Latvia)
International Academic Conference 'Regional Languages in Education: from Literature towards Literacy'
* Call for Papers is open (deadline 15 February)
Organised by Rēzekne Academy of Technologies

20-24 June 2022, Leeuwarden (Netherlands)
Summer School on Cultural & Linguistic Diversity: Diversity Management for Social Justice
Organised by University of Groningen

22-24 June 2022, Granada (Spain)/ online
International Conference 'Future Challenges in Early Language Learning and Multilingual Education (ELLME2022)
Organised by Universidad de Granada

22-25 June 2022, online
17th International Conference of Language and Social Psychology (ICLASP17)
Organised by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University

27-29 June 2022, Warsaw (Poland)
World Congress of Modern Languages and the Annual Conference of the Polish Association of Modern Languages
Organised by the International Federation of Language Teacher Associations, the Polish Association of Modern Languages and the Faculty of Modern Languages, University of Warsaw

30 June - 1 July 2022, Oldenburg (Germany)
Small languages, big ideas (SLBI)

* Call for Papers is open (deadline 14 February 2022)
Organised by the Universities of Oldenburg and Groningen

13-16 July 2022, Ghent (Belgium)
Sociolinguistics Symposium 24 - Inside and beyond binaries
Organised by Ghent University

4-5 August 2022, Tromsø (Norway)
4th International Symposium on Bilingual and L2 Processing in Adults and Children
Organised by the University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway

8-12 August 2022, Koblenz (Germany)
39th International LAUD Symposium 'Multilingualism in Africa: Language contact, endangerment and cultural conceptualisation'
Organised by the University of Koblenz-Landau

25-27 August 2022, online
The Multidisciplinary Approaches in Language Policy and Planning Online Conference (LPP 2022) 

Call for Papers is open (deadline 28 February)  
Hosted by the McGill University's Faculty of Education in Montréal (Canada)

13 September 2022, Girona (Spain)
III International Conference on Revitalisation of Indigenous and Minority Languages
* Call for Papers is open (Deadline 15 February)
Organised by University of Girona and University of Perpignan Via Domitia

13-16 September 2022, Leeuwarden (Netherlands)
2nd Conference on Frisian Humanities
* Call for Papers is open (Deadline 1 March)
Organised by Fryske Akademy, Mercator, NHLStenden, the University of Groningen, and RuG/Campus Fryslân

15-17 September 2022, Zagreb (Croatia)
12th International Conference on Third Language Acquisition and Multilingualism
Organised by University of Zagreb

6-7 October 2022, Joensuu (Finland)
International Conference on Multilingual Awareness and Multilingual Practices
* Call for Papers is open (Deadline 15 July)
Organised by University of Eastern Finland

17-21 July 2023, Lyon (France)
AILA 2023
* Call for Symposia and Papers is open
Organised by ENS de Lyon

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