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September 26: European Day of Languages

Set up by the Council of Europe, The European Day of Languages is celebrated across Europe every year. It aims to promote the rich linguistic diversity of Europe and raise awareness of the importance of lifelong language learning for everyone. To celebrate this day the European Bureau for Small Languages (EBLT), hosted by Mercator and the Fryske Akademy, organised a literary meeting between Fryslân and Groningen. Eb en floed (ebb and flow), the sea and the mudflats are the elements that connect these linguistic areas.
Three Groninger poets and three poets from Fryslân: Aly Freije, Hein Jaap Hilarides, Sytse Jansma, Tonko Ufkes, Harry van Velsen and Carla van der Zwaag performed their poems in Leeuwarden, while singer-songwriter Gert Sennema from the band Westkantstad sang Groninger songs. 

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Two new Regional
Dossiers published

The Mercator European Research Centre has published two new Regional Dossiers: 'The Hungarian language in education in Romania' was compiled by Attila Papp Z. The second edition of 'The Catalan language in education in France' was originally compiled by Mr. Daniel Sanchez. Dr. James Hawkey revised and updated the dossier in 2019.

See an overview of Mercator's dossiers


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ENROPE's first Online Study Phase online

The ENROPE team is delighted to announce that ENROPE's first Online Study Phase is online! During this phase, participants will find several tasks that help shape their online portfolio, grow as a researcher and engage with fellow researchers on pluri-/multilingualism and education. There will be opportunities to give and receive feedback and engage with the community.

Read more on the ENROPE website

17 October 2019: VirtuLApp presents its 1st multiplier event: Virtual Classrooms

Want to know more about language diversity and new technologies in primary education?

During this event you will get acquainted with newest developments in multilingual education, working with videos in classroom settings, possibilities of serious gamification for language learning, and you will experience multilingual learning in loco.

Please register here as soon as possible: Only 40 participants will be accepted.

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International Day of Sign Languages

The 23rd of September has been declared as the International Day of Sign Languages by the UN General Assembly. The first International Day of Sign Languages was held in 2018. This year, the theme of the day is "Sign Language Rights for All!"

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“If my language disappears tomorrow, I am ready to die today.”

Following the self-immolation of an ethnic Udmurt scholar and activist in protest against Russia's language policies, Human Rights Watch (HRW) is urging the Russian government to address the "deep-rooted problems" facing ethnic and linguistic minorities in the country.

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Photo contest:
In our own words

COLING photo contest: in our
                                                          own words

This contest is organized as part of the RISE COLING research project. Entries should represent minority, indigenous or endangered languages. We especially encourage young members of local communities to share their passion for language and culture and express their emotions through photography. Entries must be submitted between August 26 and October 10, 2019

New publication by Mercator researcher Ruth Kircher

Multicultura london

Multicultural London English and its speakers: a corpus-informed discourse study of standard language ideology and social stereotypes

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NZ Commits to Million Māori Speakers

Māori Development Minister, Hon Nanaia Mahuta, says New Zealand's commitment to ensure basic te reo is spoken by a million people in 2040 took a major step forward today.

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University of Guam Wins Grant for CHamoru

The University of Guam will begin work to formally document and create a repository for the CHamoru language through a grant awarded to the College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences, according to the university.

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8 - 9 October 2019, Brussels (Belgium)
META Forum: Introducing the European Language Grid
Organised by the European Language Grid consortium.

17 October 2019, Ghent (Belgium)
VirtuLApp presents its 1st multiplier event: Virtual Classrooms 
Organised by the Erasmus+ VirtulApp project, hosted by the LUCA School of Arts.

17 October 2019, Donostia/ San Sebastian (Basque Country/ Spain)
NPLD-Coppieters Campus 2019: 'Activating the social use of minority languages'
Organised by the NPLD and Coppieters Foundation.

28 - 29 October 2019, Antwerp (Belgium)
Multilingual Awareness and Multilingual Practices
Organised by Thomas More University of Applied Sciences.

25- 26 October 2019, Utrecht (Netherlands)
DRONGO language festival
Organised by Radboud University.

29 - 31 October 2019, Saarbrücken (Germany)
5th Saarbrücken Conference on Foreign Language Teaching
Organised by Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft (HTW) des Saarlandes.

14 - 15 November 2019, Udine (Italy)
2nd International Colloquium on Plurilingualism (2nd ICP )
Organised by Udine University / Centro Internazionale sul Plurilinguismo.

20 - 21 November 2019, Agadir (Morocco)
2nd International Conference on Multilingualism: Challenges, Theoretical Perspectives and Practical Implications
Organised by Faculty of Languages, Arts, and Humanities Campus Universitaire Ait Melloul.

20 - 22 November 2019, Graz (Austria)
Languages in an Open World 2019 (LOW 2019)
Organised by SOAS World Languages Institute (UK), Mercator European Research Centre (NL), the Interdisciplinary Centre for Social and Language Documentation - CiDLeS (PT), and the University of Graz /Plurilingualism Research Unit – Treffpunkt Sprachen (AT).

28 - 29 November 2019, Brussels (Belgium)
European Language Council (ELC) Conference on 'Language and Education'
Organised by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

5 - 7 December 2019, Paris (France)
Conference: Family languages: attitudes, uses, policies and experiences
Organised by the Sorbonne 3 University.

14 - 15 December 2019, Prague (Czech Republic)
Multilingual and Multicultural Learning: Policies and Practices (MMLPP2019)
* Deadline Call for Papers: 15 October 2019.
Organised by the Charles University, Faculty of Arts.

24 - 26 February 2020, Szczecin (Poland)
International Conference on Multilingual Practice (ICOMP)
Organised by the Uniwersytet Szczeciński.

18 - 19 June 2020, Flensburg (Germany)
International Conference on Multilingual Practice (ICOMP)
Organised by European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI) and the Danish Central Library for South Schleswig (DCBIB).

9 - 14 August 2020, Groningen (the Netherlands)
AILA 2020: World Congress of Applied Linguistics
* Deadline Call for Papers: 16 September 2019.
Organised by the University of Groningen, Multilingual Matters and others.

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