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We are looking for authors for our Regional Dossiers series!

The Regional Dossiers focus on the educational system in European regions that have an autochthonous lesser-used language, and on how the lesser-used language is embedded in this system. The Regional dossiers are written according to a fixed structure so that they can be used for comparative research. 

The dossiers provide information on:

• educational statistics, such as number of bilingual schools, percentage of children learning the lesser-used language, language skills of teachers, etc.;

• policies regarding education of the lesser-used language;

• the structure of the educational system in the area;

• speakers numbers of the lesser-used language;

• institutions supporting the lesser-used language.

Are we looking for you?

Are you an expert in the field of one of the following languages, and do you want to work on a Regional Dossier about it?

Currently, we are looking for authors who want to write a dossier on:                                                                                                  

Kashubian in Poland (update)  

Polish in Lithuania (update)  

Ukrainian and Ruthenian in Poland (update)

Papiamentu (new!)


If you are interested in writing one of these dossiers, please get in touch with us via e-mail, and we will provide you with more information on the writing process and fee. 

E-mail us at