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Mercator Network Newsletter

Here you can find an overview of the latest newsletters from the Mercator Network. Since June 2007 (newsletter #31), the Mercator Research Centre in Leeuwarden takes care of the newsletters from this European network. The newsletters on this website date back to 2015 (#109).   

In the newsletters you will find information about the activities of the Mercator Network, about minority language education and policy changes in Europe en of course the upcoming workshops and conferences concerning minority languages.


If you would like to receive the monthly newsletter directly in your digital mail box, please send this message to the web editor of the Mercator Research Centre: I want to subscribe!


Share your news

We have a reader base of over 2000 people, including many experts in the fields of minority language education and bilingualism, interested in the affairs of minority languages. Do you have news you would like to share with them? Just send it to our editor. Placement depends on the subject and the space available. Your contribution should be no longer than 150 words.

Latest newsletters



With news about, among other things, a Romanian mayor got a €100,000 fine for using the Hungarian language, the 21st Korrika took place in the Basque Country, a new report on minority language policy in Serbia was presented, Russian speaking Ukrainians are concerned about a new language law, in Perpignan opens a Public Office of the Catalan language, and much more...

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With news about, among other things, the positive judgement of the Court of Justice of the European Union in the case of the 2nd ECI on minority rights, a March for Welsh independence, new report on national minorities in Albania, Limburgish recognized as official language in the Netherlands, and much more...

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With news about, among other things, the restrictions that the Hungarian Academy faces, 50 years of Celtic Research Center, a new report on Azerbaijan, protests in Occitania, a language on Cyprus written for the first time, little effect with early foreign language education, and much more...

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With news about, among other things, the 70th anniversary of the Council of Europe, the effects of multilingual aging, bilingualism and Down syndrome, new reports from the European Charter about Germany and from the Framework Convention about Russia, a new Amazigh teaching method, the ENROPE Intensive Study Programme, and much more...

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With news about, among other things, the statement about the potentially disastrous Brexit effects on Celtic languages, 2019 as the Year of Indigenous Languages, the Jura dialect recognized as minority language in Switzerland, a new Journal on monolingual and bilingual speech, a research about health care staff with minority language, a follow-up for multilingual education project Holi-Frysk, a Youtube-documentary about Mercator and much more...

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With news about, among other things, the Minority Safepack Initiative and the mistrust between FUEN and the European Commission, a Postdoc vacancy at Mercator Research Center, the World Day of Romani Language, trilingual signage in Moldova, worries about the aging of Breton speakers, the ELEN and the SOAS/CIDLeS/ZAS/Mercator conference and much more...

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With news about, among other things, the Low Saxon language being recognized as 'essential' in a Dutch covenant, the Frisian language under pressure in municipal reclassifications, concerns about minorities and minority languages in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Latvia and Finland, the 20th anniversary for Mercator Network partner CUSC-UB, and much more...

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With news about, among other things, a new report on minority, national, foreign and migrant languages in European society (MIME Vademecum), the ICML XVII, two new Erasmus+ projects, the Minority SafePack, a Wiki on minority languages, the COMBI project, Teach-D, linguistic rebellion in bilingual children's primary years, and much more...

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With news about, among other things, 20 years of European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages, bilingual children and autism, crowdfunding for Cornish TV, official status for Sardinian, the endangered Yukaghir languages and Disney's The Incredibles 2 in Catalan, and much more...

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With news about, among other things, multilingual language learning, the COMBI project Modules, sociolinguistic research in Catalan language, language equality in the digital age, ambassadors from the endangered Grèko community in Friesland and much more...

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