South African lecturers visit Mercator/ Fryske Akademy

Lecturers from four different South African universities came to visit the Fryske Akademy and Mercator to discuss the implementation of multilingual policies in higher education. The aim of their BAQONDE project is to help facilitate the use of indigenous African languages in higher education in South Africa. It was a very inspirational afternoon.

Ydwine Scarse (Mercator/ Fryske Akademy) gave a presentation about the multilingual VirtuLApp project. Hindrik Sijens (Fryske Akademy) explained all the ins and outs of the dictionary and translation website. Zoha Bayat (Utrecht University/ Fryske Akademy) presented the results from her research on the legal approach to minority's right to education in Fryslân.

Please have a look at the BAQONDE website: