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New partner in the LEARNMe project

In March 2015, the University of Barcelona became an official partner within the LEARNMe project. The Centre Universitari de Sociolingüística i Comunicació at the University of Barcelona (CUSC UB) replaces our very valued partner CIEMEN, that needed to withdraw from the LEARNMe project due to financial issues. The third LEARNMe workshop, which originally would be organised by CIEMEN and held in January 2015, is therefore postponed to 8-9 April 2015.

Under the title "Recent developments regarding the legal protection of minoritized languages: different European perspectives", the workshop aims to bring together a group of specialists that will inform the attendants of a number of innovations in the legal and political arenas in connection with a variety of European languages, and to explore the sociolinguistic consequences of these policies in a variety of settings.

It is the final workshop of three specialist international workshops of Mercator's LEARNMe project, leading up to an international conference to be held in Budapest in 2015.