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Conference: Open Educational Resources: Insights into a multilingual landscape

Have you wondered how you can use Open Educational Resources (OER) to benefit the teaching, learning or research on less used languages?  Or have you never heard of the term OER and are curious now how they can benefit you or your organization?

These issues were addressed during the Media and Learning Conference in Brussels on the 20-21 November 2014 by the Mercator Research Centre, coördinator of the LangOER project.

During the conference, insights into the benefits of OER for less used languages were presented from a multilingual perspective. It touched upon: Best practice examples of language repositories e.g. LeMill, Loro and LRE. But also, how to distinguish OER from other open access materials?  Which “search strategies” can be used by OER practitioners to find good quality OER?  Please follow the LangOER project for more information and find the presentation at Slideshare.