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COMBI Conference 2019: The Final Multiplier Event

On April 12th 2019, the COMBI project will present resources, made by the partners, for training migrants in bilingual work settings. This Multiplier Event, the last of four, will be held at at the Swansea University (Taliesin Create), Wales, United Kingdom. Keynote presentations are given by Meri Huws and world experts in migration, multilingualism, minority languages and healthcare.

For more details about the Multiplier Event, please email


The goals of the COMBI project are to develop innovative and inclusive/systemic practices and methods focused on acquiring communication competences in the languages required in the workplace. It takes into consideration the multilingual reality of European regions. The aim of the method is not to acquire full competences in two or more languages, but to make sure that the regional language is taken into consideration as far as it fulfils language requirements in the workplace.

The Mercator Research Centre is the coordinating partner in this project. The other partners are Elhuyar-Zubize (Spain), Banaiz Bagara elkartea (Spain), Axxell Utbildning AB (Finland), Swansea University (Wales, United Kingdom) and Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo “Danilo Dolci” (Italy). 

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