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Trilingual school

In cooperation with the centre for educational advice (CEDIN fryslân), the Fryske Akademy has established the long-term project 'Trilingual school' in 1997. The aim of the project is to establish trilingual primary education, based on the (national) core objectives set for Frisian, Dutch and English. This means that the three languages are not only taught as school subjects, but also used as medium of instruction.

Frisian will be used for at least half of the teaching time. Moreover, Frisian and Dutch have an equal position as school subject. English is taught as a subject in grades 7 and 8 (i.e. from the age of 10 onwards). In these two grades English will also be used as medium of instruction, during two afternoons a week.

In the school-year 1997-1998 five primary schools in Friesland started this project.  In total there are now six schools participating.

CEDIN fryslân and Fryske Akademy each has its own task in the project. The Akademy follows the project through research. CEDIN fryslân offers guidance to the schools and developes learning materials.

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