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Provision of Learning Materials (LEMA)

The LEMA project evaluates the provision of learning materials for primary and (to a lesser extent) pre-primary education in the regional or minority language communities of the European Union. Education through the minority language as well as the teaching of the minority language are dealt with.
Part II of the publication contains 22 monographic reports, written by local experts. Each of these describes the situation in this area for a specific language community, giving details on who develops the learning material, how it is produced and distributed, which possibilities there are for interregional co-operation etc. Resources and perceived needs are the main issue. All these reports are rendered both in English and in the language they were originally written in.

In Part I the project's working method is described and collected data are compared. One chapter contains conclusions and recommendations, for educational practice as well as for policies at various levels.

LEMA started in 1991 and was completed in 1993.

The following cases were part of the project:

  • Albanian in Italy
  • Basque in the Basque Autonomous Community
  • Catalan in the Balearic Islands
  • Catalan in France
  • Cornish
  • Danish in Germany
  • French and Franco-Provençal in the Aosta Valley
  • Frisian in the Netherlands
  • German in Belgium
  • German in Denmark
  • German in South Tyrol
  • Irish in the Republic of Ireland
  • Irish in Northern Ireland
  • Ladin in South Tyrol
  • North Frisian
  • Occitan in Piedmont (Italy)
  • Scottish Gaelic
  • Slovenian in Italy
  • Sorbian
  • Walloon
  • Walser German in the Aosta Valley
  • Welsh

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