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Pre-Primary Education (PREP)

In the PREP report the position of a number of 19 minority languages in pre-primary education have been analysed on the basis of the case studies. The concluding report discusses the organizational framework, the contents of the study's relevance, some political and educational backgrounds as well as the working method of PREP. Especially new initiatives in the eighties and nineties have been included.

The PREP project started in 1991 and was completed in 1994.

The following cases were part of the project:

  • Basque in Spain
  • Catalan in France
  • Catalan in Catalonia
  • Catalan in Algehro (Italy)
  • Croatian in Italy
  • French in the Aostra Valley
  • Friulian
  • German in Alsace
  • German in South Tyrol
  • Irish in Northern Ireland
  • Ladin in South Tyrol
  • North Frisian
  • Occitan in France
  • Occitan in the Aran Valley (Spain)
  • Occitan in Piedmont (Italy)
  • Scottish Gaelic
  • Slovenian in Italy
  • Sorbian

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