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Curriculum vitae

Tjeerd de Graaf

Tjeerd (in Frisian Tseard) de Graaf was born in Ljouwert/Leeuwarden - the capital of the province of Fryslân in the Netherlands.
Until 1 February 2003, he worked as an Associate Professor of Phonetics at the University of Groningen.
After his retirement there he became senior research associate at the Frisian Academy in Ljouwert/Leeuwarden.
Tjeerd de Graaf is married and lives in Paterswolde, a village about 10 km south of Groningen. He has three children and six grandchildren. 



Tjeerd de Graaf attended Grammar School in Leeuwarden, 1951-1956.
Then he studied Physics at the University of Groningen, 1956-1963.
In 1963 he took the degree Master of Science (Doctoraal examen) in Theoretical Physics (Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy).
In 1967 he took the degree Master of Arts (Candidaatsexamen) in Linguistics (Slavic Languages, Computer Linguistics) and in 1969 finished a Dissertation (PhD) in Theoretical Physics.


Previous Employment   

Research Associate at the Institute of Theoretical Physics, Groningen.

Research Associate at the Institute of Theoretical Astronomy, Cambridge UK.

Assistent Professor in Physics at the Institute of Astronomy, Groningen.

Associate Professor in Phonetics. 
Institute of Phonetic Sciences/Department of Linguistics at the University of Groningen.

In 1998 Tjeerd de Graaf received a Doctorate Honoris Causa from the University of St. Petersburg, Russian Federation.

Senior research associate at the Frisian Academy and the Mercator-Education project.
Visiting professor at St.Petersburg University, Russian Federation.
Guest researcher at the Slavic Research Center of Hokkaido University, Japan and the Institute for Linguistic Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences in St.Petersburg.


Main Research Fields

  • Phonetic Aspects of Bilingualism and Language Contact
  • Ethnolinguistics, Endangered Languages and Endangered Archives 
  • Minorities in the Russian Federation and neighbouring countries
  • Speech Technology and Digital Signal Analysis
  • Reconstruction of old Sound Recordings
  • Pathological Voice Production

Language Ability

Tjeerd de Graaf's native languages are Frisian (mother tongue) and Dutch. He also speaks English, German, French, Russian, Polish, Hungarian and Japanese.