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European Expert Seminar on “The Ethnocultural Dimensions in Education”

both in primary and in secondary levels

23 – 26 October 2013, Leeuwarden, Fryslân, The Netherlands

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Travel & Hotel Information

There is a train connection between Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Leeuwarden/Ljouwert twice per hour. The trains leave at xx.03 and xx.33. The trip takes roughly 2Ľ hour.

For your trip back there are again two trains per hour at xx.04 and xx.44 from Leeuwarden/Ljouwert to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.  In The Netherlands it isn’t necessary to book your train ticket in advance, but it is possible.  Here you can plan your journey and buy your train ticket.

N.B. If you want to work or read in the train, you can sit in the silent compartment. Most of the times, the trains have a Wifi-connection.


The accommodation for the speakers will be the Oranje Hotel in Leeuwarden. The hotel is located opposite the railway station of Leeuwarden.
From the hotel to the conference centre “It Aljemint”, it will be a 10-15 minutes’ walk. The route is shown below.


A: Conference Venue: The Fryske Akademy/ Mercator European Research Centre/ It Aljemint Leeuwarden

B: Hotel-Paleis Stadhouderlijk Hof (Seminar Dinner on Thursday)

C: Oranje Hotel (Conference hotel)

D: Railway station Leeuwarden

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Conference Venue

It Aljemint

Visiting address: Doelestraat 4 - 6, 8911DX Leeuwarden
Mailing address: Postbus 54, 8900 AB Leeuwarden
Phone number: 058 - 2131414
E-mail: baly@fryske-akademy.nl

Travel Agency / Tourist Information

Tel: 0900-202 4060
Fax: 058-234 7551


Leeuwarder Taxi Centrale
Tel: 058-2122222

Taxi centrale Wolters
Tel: 058-2161716

Boekema Taxi
Tel: 058-2800200

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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Dutch international airport 

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