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Workshop 1: Aberystwyth University, Wales 16-18 October 2013

16 – 18 October 2013, Aberystwyth, Wales, England

General Information

Conference Programme


Presentations Workshop 1 Aberystwyth

Session 1

Prof Tom Moring, Lia Markelin (Helsinki), Linguistic Diversity and Conceptual Approaches to Designing and Delivering Professional Training - Case Study Sámi Journalists

Elin H.G. Jones (Aberystwyth), Permeable and Impermeable Linguistic Boundaries: From Mass Media to Social Media in Policy and Practice in Minoritised Language Contexts

Session 2

Prof Jeroen Darquennes (Namur), Language policy and planning in Europe: macro and micro perspectives

Session 3

Dr Huw Luwis (Aberystwyth), Linguistic Diversity and Normative Political Theory

Dr Noémi Nagy (Budapest), Linguistic diversity in Europe: observations from a legal perspective

Session 4

Prof Vitek Dovalil (Freiburg), European language policy: a legal perspective

Session 5

Dr Wini Davies (Aberysthwyth), The pluricentricity of German: academic ideal or everyday reality?

Vanessa Bretxa (Barcelona), Education and change: the linguistic and cultural practices of teenagers in Catalonia

Session 6

Prof Josu Amezaga, Edorta Arana (Basque Country), Transnationalism and Minority Languages and Globalized Communication

Lysbeth Jongbloed (Fryske Akademy), Social Media in Bilingual Environments: Online Practices of Frisian/Dutch Teenagers

Session 7

Dr Eithne O'Connell (Dublin City Unversity), The Diversity of Linguistic Diversity: Summing up the differences and commonalities across language communities