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"Developments in the curriculum of language teaching and learning, at primary school level and in secondary education"

17th-18th September 2009
At the Fryske Akademy - “it Aljemint”
Doelestrjitte/Doelestraat 8, Ljouwert/Leeuwarden

Provisional Schedule
Download the schedule here


Wednesday 16th September                                                                                            

18.00h             Registration and Buffet in It Aljemint


Thursday 17th September                                                                                                

09.00h             Registration and Coffee

09.15h             Welcome

09.30h             Plenary Presentation

  • Prof. Guus Extra, Tilburg University, the Netherlands: Inclusive perspectives on minority languages in multicultural Europe

10.15h             Coffee break

10.30h             Involvement of immigrants in multilingual education

  • Dr. Ian Johnson, Plaid Cymru: An immigrant language in South America – The status of Welsh in Argentina as a regional minority language compared with European immigrant languages
  • Prof. Dr. Havva Engin, Fachhochschule Bielefeld – University of Applied Sciences: Family Literacy Programs for Migrants – Promoting Bilingualsim and Enhancing Parent-Child Book Reading

11.30h             subsequent Workshop

12.45h             Lunch

14.00h             Innovative teaching systems – Language transmission outside school

  • Dr. Alasdair MacMhaoirn, Lecturers, Sabhal Mňr Ostaig, Slčite, Isle of Skye: Using Gaelic and Encouraging the Spirit
  • Francesca La Morgia, Bilingual Forum Ireland: Bridging the gap between researchers and the community
  • Silvana Schiavi Fachin, International Centre on Plurilingualism, University of Udine, Italy: Involvement of immigrant children in plurilingual education at primary school level: the Friulian case

15.45h             subsequent Workshop

17.00h             Plenary closure

19.00h             Conference Dinner at the Koperen Tuin


Friday 18th September                                                                                                      

09.00h             Coffee

09.15h             Plenary presentation:

  • Helmut Vollmer on behalf of the Language Policy Division of the Council of Europe: The project Languages of Schooling 

    10.00h             Parallel sessions:

          Minority Language Education and its challenges

  • Primož Strani: The Slovene Minority in Italy and its School: Facing the Changes of the Last Twenty Years
  • Simone Ciccolone, University “G. d’Annunzio” of Chieti-Pescara: The demand for minority language education and its relation to the community’s self-representation: the case of Furlan and Apulia’s Francoprovençal
  • Dr. phil. Karen Margrethe Pedersen, Lektor, Institut for Grćnseregionsforskning: Transnational Trilingual Education with a Global Language Norm

11.30h             Coffee break

11.45h             subsequent Workshops

13.00h             Lunch Break

14.00h             Parallel “interlinking” Workshops

Promotion of language outside the formal education

Amongst others with:

  • Anna Jungner, Folktinget, Finland: Swedish as an Asset - Ways to promote Swedish language and culture in Finland
  • Sytske de Jong and Tsjerk Bottema, Provinsje Fryslân and Jacco de Boer, Froeks.tv: How to reach youth: froeks.tv
  • Dr. Ian Johnson, Plaid Cymru: Teenage Ankst – How a record label made the Welsh language cool

Scaling up processes’ impact on language planning

  • Dr. Alex Riemersma and Sieta de Vries, Mercator Research Centre: Devolvement of Legislative Power and Division
  • Júlia Cordonet Donat and David Forničs, MERCATOR Legislation - Research Area CIEMEN: The New Education Act of Catalonia: Consolidation of the Catalan Linguistic Model

16.45h             Plenary closure

17.15h             Conference Activity: boat trip through the canals of Leeuwarden

Dinner at Humphrey's


The conference is going to cover topics on the role of multilingual education in relation to multicultural society, involvement of immigrants in multilingual education, developments in education and teaching systems and the continuity between school systems, and the promotion of a language outside the formal education.

This conference is the first one in a series of three conferences which will be held during the working period of the Mercator Network (2009-2011). Through these we intend to develop a research agenda for the fields covered by the Network.


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