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Mercator Research Centre Library

The catalogue of the library of Mercator Research Centre can be searched in the catalogue of Tresoar (Frisian Historical and Literary Centre in Ljouwert/Leeuwarden) by the following link:


The database with bibliographic data consists of more than 6500 entries, both books and articles. They deal with minority languages, bilingual and multilingual education, language learning, language policy and related subjects.

In the catalogue books can be recognized by the signature Merc, e.g. Merc100Gbe125 in the description of the information. A part of the library can be found in the quiet room in Tresoar, near the circulationdesk, the other part especially books in and on minority languages are stored in the warehouse of Tresoar.

For help ask the fellow worker at the circulationdesk or at www.tresoar.nl or by email of the information specialist of Mercator Elly Albers (ealbers@fryske-akademy.nl)