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The Mercator European Research Centre on
Multilingualism and Language Learning in short

In the 21st century all European citizens live in a multilingual environment. In their daily lives they come across many different languages. Consequently there is a growing interest in multilingualism and an increasing need for language communities to exchange experiences and to cooperate. The Mercator European Research Centre on Multilingualism and Language Learning, part of the Fryske Akademy, meets this need by collecting, researching and studying, circulating, and applying knowledge in the field of language learning and use at school, at home and through cultural participation. The Mercator Research Centre is an independent and recognised reference centre for policymakers and professional workers in the field of multilingual education and language learning. The Mercator Research Centre brings Europe to Fryslân and Fryslân to Europe.

September 2016: new Regional Dossier published: Manx Gaelic in the Isle of Man

Manx Gaelic is closely related to the now extinct Gaelic speech of nearby East Ulster (Northern Ireland) and Galloway (South-western Scotland), both of which are visible from the Isle of Man and have had close, if not always amicable, contacts in historic times.

In 1765 the Act of Revestment was passed, giving much more control to the British Crown over the economy of the Isle of Man. This encouraged an expansion of the use of English on the Island. In 1974, the last native Manx speaker, Ned Maddrell, died, but by 1971 the decreasing speaker trend was reversed with 284 speakers recorded.

The Regional Dossier Manx Gaelic, The Manx Gaelic language in education in the Isle of Man was compiled by Fiona McArdle, Education Officer for Manx National Heritage until 2012, and Robert Teare, Department of Education and Children’s Manx Language Officer in the Ilse of Man.

Expert in the Spotlight October-November 2016: Maaike Verrips, Anna de Graaf and Fleur Verbiest of De Taalstudio

Photo of Anna de Graaf

Maaike Verrips, Anna de Graaf and Fleur Verbiest form an ever expanding interactive platform for everyone dealing with multilingual children, The platform is called Meertalig.nl.